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тег: post-punk

Meg Exergia, 23-Окт-2011 20:10, 5631/0

Alien Sex Fiend - Manic depressionОбрезаный клип, но с рисунками из альбома: Полный клип:i wake up every morning... alarm clocks in my head my heart's....beating again you wouldn't really know it i wish i woz dead back in my bed !! supermarket trolley it ain't got much in it the habit was formed from a very early age very late parties very, very late parties! have a little drink... have a little go... then you'll see what you can...
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Meg Exergia, 15-Мая-2011 12:29, 6085/0

Cinema Strange - Greensward Grey Lyrics// There is blood on the hooves of the fawns on the Greensward Grey for they tread through the gristle on the lawn today! Don't they see the roseate faces of my wives as they lay, disemboweled, on the Greensward Grey? This park is rank and slippery! Skip and watch the kite tails, don't trip on the entrails! White, and ligamental blossoms jutting from the earth... when have toadstools ever ...
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